Incremental linear encoder with large mounting tolerance. For measuring steps to 0.5 um. Scale tape cut from 3, 5, and 10 meter rolls of tape. Reference marks at regular 100mm intervals. Accuracy of +/-30um. LIDA 2x7 requires a tape carrier LIDA 2x9 uses tape with Presiment adhesive backing LIDA 287/289 = 1Vpp LIDA 277/279 = TTL x10, x50, x100 .

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ECN 113

Incremental rotary encoder for large shafts with integral bearing and mounted stator coupling with 1 Vpp and EnDat output and IP 64 protection

DBB 110 Ballbar Discontinued
DBB 110 Ballbar by HEIDENHAIN

The DBB Double Ball Bar is a telescoping double-ball-bar linear encoder for performing circular interpolation tests with large radii to inspect primarily the machine tool geometry