Simple mounting with PRECIMET® adhesive film Position detection through homing track and limit switches Relatively insensitive to contamination thanks to SUPRADUR graduation. Measurement Standard: -Up to ML 220 mm- SUPRADUR phase grating on glass -As of ML 270 mm- DIADUR phase grating on glass Grating Period- 8 µm Accuracy Grade- ± 3 µm Referance Mark- One at midpoint of measuring length Position detection- Homing and limit signal TTL output signals (without line driver) Max. traversing speed: 72 m/min at -3dB cutoff frequency = 300 kHz 100 m/min at -6dB cutoff frequency = 420 kHz Vibration 55 to 2000 Hz- = 200 m/s² (EN 60068-2-6) Shock 11 ms- = 400 m/s² (EN 60068-2-27) Operating temperature- 0 to 50 °C Incremental signals- 1 Vss Signal period- 4 µm Electrical connection- Cable 0.5 m/1 m or 3 m with D-sub connector (15-pin); Interface electronics integrated in connector Max. cable length: Incremental signals: 30 m Homing, limit: 10 m