LIP 471


HEIDENHAIN LIP 471 / LIP 481 utilized a phase grating on glass with a grating period of 4µm, manufactured in the DIADUR process, serves as a measuring standard for this LIF incremental linear encoder with 11uApp Output. The scales of LIP linear encoders are fixed with HEIDENHAIN PRECIMET® elastic adhesive film directly onto the mounting surface. This adhesive film ensures a defined thermal behavior and is resistant to solvents. The mounting procedure is quite fast thanks to its simplicity and to relatively large mounting tolerances.

  • Measuring standard - DIADUR phase grating on Zerodur glass ceramic or glass
  • Output signals – 11µApp (LIP 471) and 1Vpp (LIP 4881)
  • Signal period - 4um
  • Accuracy grades - ±1μm, ±0.5μm
  • Measuring lengths - 70mm to 420mm
  • Reference mark - One at midpoint of measuring length or none
  • Cable: 0.5m, 1m, 2m or 3m with D-sub connector (15-pin)
  • Operating temp: 0 °C to 40 °C