LIP 501


LIP linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are available in accuracy grades from ± 1 µm to ± 0.1 µm. Through the choice of scale material it is possible to use a measuring standard whose thermal behavior is comparable to that of the measured objects. A grating period of 4 µm produces an output signal period of 2 µm. This results in a measuring step of only 0.5 µm even without interpolation. The high uniformity of the scanning signals permits measuring steps as fine as one nanometer. Measuring standard - DIADUR phase grating on glass Output signals - 11 uApp Signal period - 4 um Accuracy grades - ± 1 µm Recommended measuring steps - 1 um to 0.05 µm Measuring lengths - 70 mm to 1440 mm Reference mark - One on 501R