LM13 Magnetic Linear Encoder


A high-speed magnetic ring encoder designed for use in harsh environments, such as woodworking, stone-cutting, sawing, metalworking, textiles, packaging, plastics processing, automation and assembly systems, laser/flame/water-jet cutting, electronic assembly equipment etc. The magnetic ring encoder system consists of a compact readhead and a magnetised ring with a diameter of 100.5 mm. As the ring rotates with the axis, the readhead detects the magnetic signature of the magnetised ring and processes these signals to the required output. High speed operation to 25,000 revolutions per minute Resolutions from 1,280 to 327,680 counts per revolution Excellent dirt immunity Integral set-up LED Industry standard digital output options

Engineered for extreme service, LM13 encoders handle operating temperatures from 10°C to 80°C, providing waterproof sealing to IP68 and high resistance to shock, vibration and pressure. Frictionless operation eliminates wear, while reducing system inertia and hysteresis for high precision at high speeds and accelerations.


Renishaw LM13 linear magnetic encoders offer:

  • digital square-wave signal output to RS422
  • selectable resolutions between 1µm and 250µm
  • velocities up to 4 m/sec at 1µm resolution
  • bidirectional reference, either physicallty integrated into the scale or sticker on reference mark 

Simple to install, the LM13 features an integral set-up LED on the readhead, wide installation tolerances, and an applicator tool for the adhesive-backed scale.  The scale is available either ‘cut to length’ or in lengths up to 100 metres in easy-to-handle coils.