RCN 723F


With accuracies of up to ±2 arc seconds, absolute angle encoders provide the absolute position value immediately after switch-on or after a disturbance — without prior axis movement. The encoder photoelectrically scans pure binary patterns on a glass graduated disk to determine the absolute position value. An IP 64 degree of protection enables RCN angle encoders to withstand the harsh environments typically found around machine tools. In addition, the RCN 723 is mechanically compatible with the RON 200 and RON 7x6/RON 8x6 series incremental rotary encoders. An RCN absolute angle encoder features an integral stator coupling which, in comparison with encoders with solid shaft and separate coupling, provides the following advantages: - Higher system accuracy - During angular acceleration of the shaft the coupling takes up only the torque resulting from bearing friction - Shorter overall length - Simpler mounting Accuracy - ± 2` Data interface - EnDat (synchronous serial) Absolute position values/rev - 8 388 608 Absolute measuring step - Approx. 0.15` Elec. permissible speed for absolute position value - 30 rpm Incremental signals - 1VPP Line count - 32768 Cutoff frequency (-3 dB) - >= 180 kHz Mech. permissible speed - 1000 rpm Protection - IP 64