Resolute Optical Linear Encoder


RESOLUTE is a revolutionary new true absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system, with excellent dirt immunity, offering an impressive specification that breaks new ground in position feedback! RESOLUTE `s performance is similar to an ultra-fast miniature digital camera, taking photos of a scale with a non-repeating bar code. RESOLUTE analyses these photos to determine position to resolutions as small as 1 nanometre (1 billionth of a metre) and with remarkable low noise (jitter) and SDE (Sub-Divisional Error, the error within a scale grating period). This provides encoder feedback of superior fidelity, to ensure smoother velocity control and rock-solid positional stability. RESOLUTE monitors the speed of the axis and varies the LED flash parameters accordingly. This is one of the keys to achieving exceptionally low jitter, at medium / low speeds and at stand-still, on the same encoder that can hit 100 metres/second (36000 rev/min on a 52 mm ring). RESOLUTE can even be switched on at high speed and yet it automatically optimises itself in a few milliseconds – considerably less time than the 250 ms or so that it takes the servo amplifier to power-up reset!

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