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LM10/LM13 Magnetic Tape Scale by Renishaw

LM10/13 is a non-contact high-speed linear magnetic encoder designed for use in harsh environments.

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The LM10/13 features a compact sealed readhead that rides at up to 1.5 mm from the self-adhesive magnetic strip scale, which brings up to 100 m travel. Simple to install, the LM10/13 features an integral set-up LED on the readhead, wide installation tolerances and an applicator tool for the adhesivebacked magnetic scale.

The encoders come in digital or analogue output variants and offer a range of customer selectable resolutions including 1 and#956;m, 2 and#956;m, 5 and#956;m, 10 and#956;m, 20 and#956;m and 50 and#956;m. The LM10 is capable of velocities up to 25 m/s; even at 1 and#956;m resolution it is capable of 4 m/s. Engineered for extreme service, the solid-state LM10/13 linear encoders operate from -20 C to +85 C, have water-proof sealing to IP68 and are highly resistant to shock, vibrations and pressure.

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