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ENC 125T/E by Acu-Rite

The ENC 125 T/E is available in travels lengths from 2`- 120`, in resolutions of 5m and 10m, and with an accuracy of 10m/meter.

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An ENC 125 precision glss scale withstands the elements of contamination found in even the harshest enviroment. The all new ENC 125 is designed to satisfy a wide range of application needs and is available in top (T) and end (E) mount scale configurations.

Multiple Resolutions- .0002` (5m) and .0005` (10m)
Travel Lengths From 2` (.05m) - 120` (3.04m)
Braided Cable
Flexable Mounting Features

Electrical Specifications
Light Source- LED (light-emitting diode)
Operating Voltage- 5.1 0.1
Operating Current (Max. mA)- 100
Output Signals (Incremental)- Square-wave voltage signals channels A and B, in 90 quadrature relationship
Signal Levels- TTL-Levels

Mechanical Specifications
Resolution (m)- 5, 10
Grating Pitch (m)- 40
Scale Medium- Light transmission through chrome-coated glass
Accuracy (@ 20C) in any 1000mm- 10 m/m
Max. Slew Speed (in/sec)- 30
Force required to move reading head (lbs.)- =.75
Operating Temperature- 0 to 40 C
Relative Humidity- 20% to 95% (non-condensing)
Connecting Cable-
Measuring Length < 42` = 13 ft
Measuring Length > 42` = 19 ft
Max. Cable Length (ft)- 35
Measureing Lenghts-
2 - 120(T)
2 - 22(E)
Reference Mark Interval- 100mm fixed

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