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ENC 250 by Acu-Rite

Available in single-section encoder lengths of 127` (3.24m) to 237` (6.04m) and multi-section encoder lengths of up to 773` (19.64m), the ENC 250 provides ▒15Ám/meter accuracy with a resolution of .0002` (5Ám).

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An ENC 250 long travel precision scale withstands the elements of contamination found in even the harshest enviroments.

3.24m [127`] to 6.04 [237`] measuring lengths available as single-section cases.
Longer Lengths- up to 19.64m [773`] availble as multi-sections units.
Rugged, thick-walled scale case - ideal for lathes, boring mills and other large machine tools.
Built-in leveling screws for easy installation to unevn machine tool surfaces. Most installations require no additional backup spar.
5Ám [.0002`] Resolution
Exceptional accuracy- precision, gold rullings on stainless steel scale tape.
Position-Trac- enables quick and easy workpiece zero-reset after power loss.

Electrical Specifications
Light Source- LED (light-emitting diode)

Operating Voltage- 5.1▒ 0.1 VDC
Operation Current- 140 mA Max.
Output Signals:
Incremental- Two square wave voltage signals, channels A and B, in 90░ quatrature relationship
RM- One square-wave signal
Signal Levels- Diffrential TTL

Mechanical Specifications
Resolution- 5 Ám (0.0002 in.)
Grating Pitch- 100Ám (0.00393 in)
Scale Medium- Reflective Meatl Tape
Accuracy @ 20 Degrees C- +/- 15Ám /M (.00018 in/ft)
Max. Slew Speed- 1 Meter/Sec. (40 in/sec)
Force required to move reading head- +/- 3.3 Newtons (0.75 lbs)
Operating Temperature- 0░ to 40░ C
Max. Cable Length- 22.9m (75ft) with VRO, 10.7m (35 ft) with DRO
Signal Section Measuring Length- 3240mm - 6040mm
Multi Section Measuring Length- 6240mm- 19,640mm
Reference Mark Interval- 100mm Distance Encrypted

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