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MicroScale by Acu-Rite

The MicroScale Precision Glass Scale Linear Encoder provides the accuracy and reliability of an ACU-RITE measuring system in a very small cross-section with digital output (analog output available).

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Light Source- LED
Operating Voltage (Vdc)- 5.0 0.25 <= 50mV Ripple
Operating current (Max. mA)- <= 80
Signal Type- Two sinusoidal channels A and B, in 90 quadrature
Amplitude Ratio- 1.0 0.1
Duty Cycle- 180 18
Phase- 90 10
Signal Levels- Incremental- TTL-level
Signal Levels - Reference Mark- 2-8 A
Interpolation Error (m)- < = 0.5
Grating Pitch (m)- 20.0
Scale Medium- Light Transmission through chrome-coated glass
Accuracy (at 20 C) m, , in any 1000mm- 3, 5
Slew Speed (in./sec.)- >= 40
Force required to move reading head (oz)- <=2
Operating Temperature (C)- 0 to 40
Max. Cable/Head wire length (ft):
28 AWG Pwr, 30 AWG Signal
13 pF/ft, 95 /1000 ft, Polypropylene
Reference pulse interval- 100mm
Reading head mass W/o output wires (gm)- 4.5
Scale mass w/ mounting spar (gm)- 2.7 / 25mm

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