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AT353 by Mitutoyo

High Accuracy Real Absolute Sealed Linear Encoder for High-Speed Motion

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Hybrid real absolute glass scale with electrostatic capacitance/photoelectric technology. No origin point restoration required. 0.05m resolution. High response speed of 2m/sec (120m/min). Direct connection with FANUC NC controller. Good protection against harsh environment.

Graduation- 20m
Material- Glass, Thermal expansion coefficient: 8x10-6/C
Detecting method- Electrostatic capacitance/photoelectric type
Mounting method- Frame
Accuracy (at 20C)- Up to 1500mm: (3+3L0/1000)m Over 1500mm: (5+5L0/1000)m
Output interface: FANUC NC controller interface
Output method: Differential line driver
Main signal output pitch: 2m
Effective range: 100 to 3000mm (20 models)
Resolution: 0.05m
Max. response speed: 2m/sec (120m/min)
Supply current: 300mA (max.)
Power supply: DC5V (5%)
Operation temperature: 0C to 45C
Storage temperature: -20C to 70C

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