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Newall MHG-TT Linear by Newall

MHT-TT digital TTL scale, Resolutions of 10Ám, 5Ám, 2Ám, 1Ám, 0.5Ám, 0.1Ám

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The MHG-TT is Newall`s popular slim-line incremental encoder and is compatible with most major brands of PLC and CNC controls. The MHG-TT provides a differential quadrature output at RS422 TTL levels. The periodic reference mark is typically used for homing purposes. Available resolutions of 10Ám, 5Ám, 2Ám, 1Ám, 0.5Ám, 0.1Ám and lengths from 2in to 40in

Protection rating of IP67, fully submergible. Reference marks every 0.5in (12.7mm). Featuring quick and easy installation in small spaces.

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