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The ND 281 B serves as a universal display unit for linear and angular measurement with BCD Output.

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The ND 200 B series are designed to display one measured value. Their special features make them particularly attractive as measured value displays for photoelectric length gauges in manufacturing environments and in measuring and testing labs. However, they also serve for position display in simple positioning tasks such as the infeed of a circular saw or the stroke of a press, and with their switching inputs and outputs they are also found in simple automation environments. One version model can switch from linear to angular display values for rotary and angle encoders.

The ND 282 B serves as a universal display unit for linear and angular measurement: the display mode can be easily switched through a simple code number. An additional advantage: the ND 282 B is compatible with encoders with 1 Vpp sinusoidal voltage signals and with 11 µApp current signals. They provide features for sorting and tolerance checking, and for isolating the maximum and minimum values in a series of measurements. With its switching inputs and outputs it can even be integrated in simple automated solutions. The ND 282 B differs from the ND 281 B in only one way, the data output format is BCD rather than RS-232.

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