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E70-M by Newall

Newall`s E-Series utilizes an innovative and unique design...the DRO and the supporting electronics have been separated, allowing the DSU to be mounted anywhere on the machine, thus minimizing cable routing.

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The E70-Mill DRO is available in two and three axes configurations, and is ideal for milling or boring machine applications. The digital readout includes a multilingual message screen and single keystroke entry system, making it flexible and easy to use. The E-Series also offers the possibility of increased system accuracy associated with its segmented error compensation function, which is especially relevant to machines that have suffered from excessive wear.

Standard Features
Absolute/Incremental Operation
Inch/Metric Conversion
Zero Approach Warning
Zero Reset/Data Preset
Data Recall
Data Hold
Radius/Diameter Readings
Center Find
Home Reference
Linear Error Compensation
Segmented Error Compensation
Memory Back-up
Self Diagnostics
Encoder Failure Alert
Switchable Resolutions by Axis
Sleep Mode

Advanced Lathe Features
Bolt Hole Circle/Bolt Hole Arc
Arc Contouring
Programmable Memory
Line Hole (Max. 999 holes)
Polar Coordinates

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