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Signal interpolation and converter

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Interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN can be connected to encoders with
sinusoidal signals of 1 VPP (voltage signals) or 11 and#956;APP (current signals). In addition to being converted, the sinusoidal encoder signals are also interpolated in the interface electronics. This results in fi ner measuring steps, leading to an increased positioning accuracy and higher control quality.

Because of their high degree of protection (IP 65), interface electronics with a box design are especially well suited for the rough industrial environment typically found where machine tools operate. The inputs and outputs are equipped with robust M23 and M12 connecting elements. The stable cast-metal housing offers protection against physical damage as well as against electrical interference.

Depending on the control`s resolution requirement, the IBV/EXE 100 series can produce a x1, x5, x10, x20, x25, x50 or x100 interpolation.

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