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PWM 20 Encoder Diagnostic Tool by HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN now offers the PWM20, a compact, mobile diagnostic tool for all HEIDENHAIN signals

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For encoder customers who desire their own onsite encoder testing, HEIDENHAIN now offers the PWM 20 diagnostic box with ATS (Adjusting and Testing Software). This diagnostic tool will handle testing and adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders with incremental and absolute interfaces. The mobile PWM 20 is a phase angle measuring unit for connection to a PC via USB interface, and is used to evaluate all types of HEIDENHAIN signals.

The ATS (Adjusting and Testing Software) incorporated into the PWM 20 has an integrated local encoder database for automatic encoder identification. The functions supported by the ATS software vary depending on the encoder and encoder interface. This makes it possible not only to display the position values, but also to read the online diagnostics, and many other functions.

The PWM 20 currently replaces HEIDENHAIN`s PWM8, PWM9 and IK 215 interface PC board. In 2012, the PWM 20 with software version 2.6 will replace HEIDENHAIN`s PWM 9 to handle diagnostics of encoders with incremental signals (1 Vpp, TTL and 11uapp) and absolute scales.

Adapter cables for all HEIDENHAIN scales and encoders are available.

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