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EIB 2391S Seimens Interface by HEIDENHAIN

EIB 2391S converts a HEIDENHAIN absolute output signal from EnDat 2.2 to Seimens new DRIVE CLiQ

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In an effort to increase encoder compatibility with Seimens controls, HEIDENHAIN has developed the EIB 2391S interface box. Ideal for applications with SINAMICS drive components, the EIB 2391S enhances the serial interface offering for many of HEIDENHAIN`s absolute encoders. HEIDENHAIN`s interface electronics have been noted as the best in the industry for safely transmitting and converting analog and digital encoder output signals.

The EIB 2391S makes it possible to convert a HEIDENHAIN encoder`s output signal from EnDat 2.2 to DRIVE CLiQ. With IP 65 and its compact size, the EIB 2391S is suitable for any industrial environment. HEIDENHAIN`s EIB 2391S 8-pin M12 connection allows the user to pull the cable needed to connect to the interface electronics box through even the smallest locations. Due to the benefits of EnDat 2.2, the EIB 2391S is capable of transmitting diagnostic information into a format recognized by the SINAMICS drive components. Increasing demand for safer machine tool operation, HEIDENHAIN`s EIB 2391S was developed to be used in safety-oriented applications.

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