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HEIDENHAIN Lathe Packages Lathes

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HEIDENHAIN is the most respected name in the manufacturing industry for accuracy and reliability of measurement. These digital readout packages include the latest ND-780 display featuring a ultra clear flat screen display for position values, dialog displays and graphical functions.

HEIDENHAIN`s new ND 780 DRO is compatible with all single or multi-axis machine tools up to three axes. Its extensive and unmatched library of onboard user cycles as well as its menu-driven text help makes it extremely operator friendly. Its newly designed ergonomic housing, soft keys and bright six-inch LCD screen are clear and easy to see.

Adding to the many features of HEIDENHAIN DROs of the past and present, this new ND 780 DRO now has comprehensive tables for tools, threads and cutting speed as well as simple cycles to speed up everyday machining tasks such as a bolt circle calculator. It also comes equipped with a calculator (arithmetic, trigonometric and taper calculations), as well as a stopwatch and display of feed rates.

Featuring selectable resolution, error compensation (linear and non-linear) and trouble shooting tools such as signal diagnostics, the ND 780 universal DRO assures the production of fast an accurate parts on all of your manual machines. The user simply selects what type of machine, the number of axes and what resolution is required and the readout does the rest.

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