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LTO3T Tool Setter by Renishaw

LTO3T Optical Tool Setter for medium Lathes

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LTO3T system: comprises an LTO2T, LP2 probe, stylus and either an OMM (one or two) and MI 12, or an OMI for medium turning centers.

System components include
and#9679; An LTO3T optical module probe (OMP).
and#9679; A 3D touch-trigger inspection probe (X, Y and +Z directions). This is either a Renishaw LP2 or LP2H probe. The LP2 is more sensitive that the LP2H, which has a greater resistance to vibration and can support heavier styli. The probe is mounted in the OMP.
and#9679; An optical transmitter and receiver unit (OMM) and an MI 12 machine interface unit.
The interface unit may be either a freestanding MI 12 interface unit or an MI 12 interface board.

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