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TP200 by Renishaw

Precision touch trigger probe system with stylus changing capability

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High precision repeatability and 3D form measurement with long styli is achieved by employing a novel type of strain gauge structure to detect small displacements of the stylus tip. The strain gauge output is processed and converted into the Renishaw 2-wire system format using an ASIC electronic chip and hybrid microcircuit technology.

The stylus module is located on the probe sensor body by a highly repeatable, magnetically retained kinematic coupling. This allows rapid manual or automatic stylus changing without the need to requalify the stylus tips. The module incorporates overtravel protection and a feature on the coupling to ensure correct orientation. Alignment marks are provided to visually aid manual stylus changing.

The stylus modules are available in a choice of two overtravel force options. The standard force module is suitable for the majority of applications with styli up to 100mm long. The low force module is intended for use with small diameter stylus balls or in applications where minimum force is essential.

TP200 - precision touch trigger probe system with stylus changer, featuring:
-High speed stylus module changing
-Precision measuring performance with stylus lengths up to 100mm
-10 million trigger module life
-Compatibility with the full range of Renishaw probe heads and accessories
-The TP200 probe system comprises the probe sensor, with detachable stylus module, the PI 200 interface and the optional SCR200 stylus changing rack.

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