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The CERTO CT 6001 is a Ultra High Accuracy Length Gauge which features a measuring range of 60 mm.

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The CERTO CT 6001 Length Gauge features a measuring range of 60 mm. It is used for incorporation into special measuring apparatus, calibrating and inspecting devices or special purpose machines, for example in conjunction with the monitoring and control of assembly and adjustment procedures.

A CERTO length gauging system comprises:

- CT 6001 Length Gauge
- ND 281 Display Unit
- Control box
- Gauge stand
- Ceramic suction plate as support surface

The total error of the CT 6001 over the entire measuring range of 60 mm lies within 0.1 m at ambient temperatures between 19 and 21 C and with temperature fluctuations of 0.1 K during measurement.

When the CERTO is used with length error compensation, e.g., in conjunction with the ND 281 Display Unit, HEIDENHAIN guarantees a total error of 0.05 m over the 60 mm measuring range.


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