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Motorized plunger actuation; constant gauging force, 100mm Measuring Range

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Large measuring ranges together with their high accuracy make the MT 60 and MT 101 HEIDENHAIN-Metro length gauges attractive for incoming inspection, peoduction monitoring, quality control, or anywhere parts with very different dimentions are measured. But they are also easy to mount as highly accurate position encoders, for exanple on sliding devices or X-Y tables.
The M version length gauges feature an integral motor that reacts and extends the plunger. The MT 101M operates at constant gauging force.

Motorized plunger actuation
System Accuracy 1 m
Incremental Signals 11 ASS
Output Signals 11 App
Measuring Lengths 100mm (3.94 in.)
Signal Period 1 m
System Accuracy 1 m

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