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The New POSITIP Display with conversational guidance and contextual help on a flat screen, graphic features, program memory, Up to 6 axis

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Length gauge inputs- 6x 11 µAPP, 1 VPP or EnDat (switchable)
Input frequency: max. 100 kHz
Color flat-panel display for position values, dialog and entry displays, graphics functions, graphic positioning aids
Status Display- Operating mode, REF, distance-to-go, inch, scale, feed-rate display, reference-point number, Tool number and axis tool compensation.

-REF reference-mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks
-Distance-to-go mode with nominal position input in absolute or incremental values
-Contour monitoring with zoom function
-Scaling factor
-Any axis combinations
-On-screen operating instructions
-Calculator, stopwatch
-99 datum points, 99 tools
-Probing functions for datum acquisition with the KT edge finder during back-off: `Edge,` `Centerline,` and `Circle Center`
-Tool-radius compensation
-Calculation of positions for bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns and hole surfaces
-Positioning aids for milling and clearing rectangular pockets
-Cutting-data calculator
999 program blocks per program; subprogramming with rotating and mirroring; Teach-in (actual-position capturing)
Straight lines, circular arcs, chamfers, bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns and rectangular pockets


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