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The SENC 150 precision glass scale is available in travel lengths from 2` - 120`, in resolutions of 0.5Ám, 1Ám, 5Ám and with an accuracy of between ▒1.5Ám/meter to ▒ 5Ám/meter .

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An SENC 150 precision glss scale withstands the elements of contamination found in even the harshest enviroment. The all new SENC 150 incorporates the latest innovation in roller bearing technology for reduced backlash and greater scale travel life. The SENC 150 also features highly integrated scanning sensor that provides superior contamination resistance.

Multiple Resolutions- .00002` (0.5Ám) and .00005` (1Ám) and .0002` (5Ám)
Exceptional Accuracy Travel Lengths From 2` (.05m) - 120` (3.04m)
Armor or vinyl cable available Felxable mounting features Position-Trac enables quick and easy workpiece zero-reset after power loss

Output Signals (Incremental)-
Digital: Square-wave voltage signals channels A and B, in 90░ quadrature relationship
Analog: Similar phasing, but diffrential sinusoidal current or voltage output

Mechanical Specifications
Resolution (Ám)-
Digital: 0.5, 1, and 5
Grating Pitch (Ám)-20

Connecting Cable-
Length= 5, 13, 19ft.

Reference Mark Interval-
50mm fixed or Position-Trac


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