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RMP600 Machine Tool Probe by Renishaw

The RMP600 is the first to use frequency hopping (FHSS) transmission, and offers rapid part set up and part verification on medium to large machining centres.

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The RMP600 is only the second probe in the world to use frequency hopping spread
spectrum (FHSS) transmission; the first being the extremely successful RMP60.
Unlike conventional radio transmissions, the RMP600`s transmission system does not
use a dedicated radio channel. Instead, the probe and receiver `hop` together through
a sequence of frequencies, enabling multiple probe systems and other industrial
equipment to co-exist in confidence. Paired with a RMI receiver, the RMP600`s signals
are transmitted over long distances with a negligible chance of interference.

Highly sensitive probes can suffer from false triggers due to high speed movement
and shock. The risk of this has been eliminated in RMP600 by using solid state
accelerometers within the probe, making it as flexible as Renishaw`s RMP60.

Rengage™ technology uses strain gauges, the probe is able to detect very low contact forces, resulting in less bending of the stylus, less pretravel, and greater accuracy. Additional benefits of this are; • Increased stylus lengths can be supported without a decrease in probe performance. • Excellent 3D performance which allows probing of contoured surfaces whilst maintaining very high accuracy.


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