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OMP40-2 Machine Tool Probe by Renishaw

Compact touch probe with optical transmission, ideally suited to small machining centres. This is an upgrade from the OMP40.

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The OMP40-2 from Renishaw is the upgraded version of the multiple award winning OMP40. It meets the demand for probing on small machining centres and the growing family of high-speed machines fitted with small HSK and small taper spindles. The length of the OMP40-2 matches that of typical tooling, bringing the significant advantages of probing to this range of machines.

Features and benefits:
Set-up time reduction of up to 90%
Less setting errors; reduced scrap
Reduced fixture costs
Improved process control
Well-proven Renishaw technology, miniaturised electronics
Improved resistance to light and electromagnetic interference
Now capable of working in twin probe systems


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