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AxiSet Check-Up by Renishaw

Renishaw extends their machine tool testing and calibration systems with AxiSet Check-Up, a new cost-effective solution for checking the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes.

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Renishaw`s Axiset Check-Up provides accurate and repeatable test results using automated probing routines to gather performance data from a reference artefact, and includes simple, yet powerful analysis. All tests utilise existing spindle-mounted Renishaw touch probes, which are standard fitment on most multi-axis machines, with probing routines generated using machine-specific macro software supplied with Axiset Check-Up.

Measurement results are output to a PC where a supplied Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet presents easily understood analysis of the data and compares machine performance with defined tolerances. If necessary a user can then alert a machine supplier to carry out further detailed checks and possible error correction.

Analysis of a machine`s capabilities is presented in various formats including a graphical representation of performance that highlights tracking and centring errors, a function that compares two sets of data for the same machine, a simple `pass` or `fail` test against the user`s pre-defined tolerances, and a history screen that allows comparisons of the performance of rotary axes over time.


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