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Acu-Rite MillPWR Knee Mill Control by Acu-Rite

The MillPWR can be used as a programmable CNC control or a full function digital readout (DRO), or both.

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MillPWR by Acu-Rite, is a versatile two or three axes control/three axes readout system that satisfies the need for both manual and automated operations for milling machines.

From the moment you power up your MillPWR system, you`ll know it was built with convenience in mind. From the exceptional clarity of a large, full-color LCD display screen to the added advantage of full 3-D contouring capabilities, essential functions are only a key stroke away. The real convenience lies in its capabilities. Use MILLPWR as a full function digital readout (DRO), as a programmable CNC control, or both. It`s powerful enough to handle any job
and easy enough for anyone to operate. No prior programming experience is necessary. Let MILLPWR maximize your productivity and increase your profitability.

Standardized menus make it easy for you to program common features like lines, arcs, pockets, bolthole patterns, islands, spirals and ellipses. To add a feature to your program, simply press a function key and then follow the prompts. MILLPWR also includes an `engrave` option for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc.

FEATURES include: 2 or 3 axis control, Position-Trac, Part-review graphics, 10` Flat panel LCD, 3-D Color keypad, Acu-Rite precision glass scales, Jog control, Remote Stop/Go, Conversational programming, Tool library, Tool offsets, Bolthoel calculations, 3-D Contouring, Engrave, Blend, Teach, and much more.


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