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LH70 Lathe Packages by Magnescale

Magnescale Magnetic Digital Readouts for lathes and grinders

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The LH70 offers flexibility for multiple applications in a single DRO display including 1-3 axis configurations, Multiple Datum Points, Tool Offsets (lathe) and Bolt Hole Circle Calculator (mill). The LH71 contains LH70 features plus Segmented Error Compensation; Line Hole, Scaling and Mirror Image Functions; programmable jobs or canned cycles.

Sony`s LH51 and LH52 displays are designed to work with the GB line of linear scales and include selectable display resolution, selectable absolute/incremental display, linear error compensation, reset, preset and recall, centerline and bolt hole* calculations, datum point memory, power loss data memory, radius/diameter selection, self-diagnostics, direct inch/metric conversion and 9 Tool Offsets

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