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METLOGIX Mx200 by MetLogix

Mx200 is a simple to use and reliable readout solution for today`s metrology marketplace

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An ideal 7` color readout for optical comparators, measuring microscopes, or any metrology device requiring encoder supported measurement.

Mx200 display offers optical Edge and crosshair only measurement systems, as well as simple and intuitive probing options. The exclusive EdgeLogic™feature enables gesture driven control of start and end measurement commands, alleviating the need to interact with the DRO directly. Just cross the same edge twice to start and end measurements!

Features include:
- Intersections, Mid/Center Point
- Bolt Circle, End Point, Tangent Line
- Farthest and Shortest Distance
- Perpendicular Lines, Gage Circle/Line
- Geometric Tolerancing, Part Programming
- Report, Print, Export

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