Products : Anilam

Wizard 1000 Discontinued, Click Here
New Wizard 1000 LCD readout for milling and turning applications.

Wizard 211 Discontinued, Click Here
The perfect choice for any machine tool application when basic DRO functions are required.

Wizard 311 Discontinued, Click Here
From one to three axes this readout is fitted for milling or turning applications.

Wizard 411 Discontinued, Click Here
Anilam`s new LCD readout for mills, lathe and other manual machining applications.

Wizard 450 Discontinued, Click Here
In Wizard 450 several advanced features have been added, e.g. calculation of linear and frame hole patterns, full and partial circular bolthole patterns and much more.

Wizard 450L Discontinued, Click Here
The Wizard 450L is a special lathe version with turning features including, tool length offsets and taper checking.

Wizard 550 Discontinued, Click Here
The newest generation of digital readout systems, the Wizard 550, features a crystal clear LCD display technology. This technology replaces the traditional LED and VFD displays still used by other manufacturers.

Wizard 900 Discontinued, Click Here
The Wizard 900 is the choice for any application when advanced programming capabilities are required, or when 4 axes are monitored.

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