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Incremental Sealed Linear Encoder. Integrated wear-free roller guide with steel ball bearings on steel rod. Large mounting tolerances for connecting by coupling rod.

Glass scale with DIDUAR graduation
Incremental mesurment method
Accuracy grade- 10 m
TTL incremental signals
Grading Period 100 m
Signal period:
20 m (5-fold integrated interpolation)
4 m (25-fold integrated interpolation)

Reference Marks- One, located 35 mm from the beginning or end of the measuring length
Power supply- 5 V 5 % / <120 mA (without load)
Electrical connection- Cable, cable exit on mounting block left or right
Max. traversing speed- = 60 m/min
Required moving force- = 5 N
Vibration (55 to 2000 Hz)- = 150 m/s
Shock (11 ms)- = 300 m/s
Operating temperature- 0 to 50 C