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LS 187 / 187C by HEIDENHAIN

Incremental linear encoders for measurment to 0.5 m

LS 100 Series: For NC machines. Defined thermal behavior. High vibration rating. Two mounting attitudes. The LS serve as standard encoders for use on machine tools, and also for mesuring and inspection taks.

Glass scale with DIDUAR graduation
Accuracy grade- 5 m or 3 m
Incremental signals- 1 VPP
Grading period/signal period- 20 m
Reference Marks- Selectable with magnets every 50 mm; Standard setting: 1 reference mark in the center
Cutoff frequency -3dB = 160 kHz
Electrical connection- Sep. adapter cable (1 m/3 m/6 m/9 m) connectable to mounting block
Max. cable length- 150 m
Max. traversing speed- 120 m/min
Required moving force- = 4 N
Vibration (55 to 2000 Hz)- = 200 m/s (EN 60068-2-6)
Shock (11 ms)- = 400 m/s (EN 60068-2-27)
Acceleration- = 60 m/s in measuring direction
Operating temperature- Operating temperature