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DA 400 Air Purge System by HEIDENHAIN

The DA 400 is a compressed air filter system for purifying compressed air into encoders.

The sealed linear and angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN can be operated with sealing air to increase the level of protection. This offers additional defense against contamination. The compressed air, acting as sealing air, introduced directly into the encoders must be cleaned by a microfiltration system.

For optimum supply of sealing air to the encoders, the required air fl ow is 7 to
10 l/min per linear encoder or 1 to 4 l/min per angle encoder. Ideally the air fl ow is regulated by the HEIDENHAIN connecting pieces with integrated throttle. At an inlet pressure of approx. 1 105 Pa (1 bar), the throttles ensure the
prescribed volume of airflow.

The DA 400 consists of three filter stages (prefilter, fine filter and activated carbon fi lter) and a pressure regulator with pressure gauge. The pressure gauge and automatic pressure switch (available as accessories) effectively monitor the sealing air.