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Newall MAG-TS Linear by Newall

MAG-TT Digital TTL Scale, Magnetic, Resolutions of 10Ám and 5Ám

The MAG-TS linear encoder comprises of a flexible tape scale which is mounted on a flixed surface of the machine, with or without optional backerbar and a reader head which is fastened to the moving part to be measured. Perfect for rotary applications and offers easy installations with adhesive tape. A stainless steel cover strip is supplied to protect the encoder tape. The cover strip is attached to the encoder tape with adhesive backing.

The encoder outputs a TTL RS422 Differential Quadrature signal with a single or multiple reference marks. Lengths up to 22 meters are available.

Protection rating of IP67, fully submergible. Reference marks every 5mm. Featuring quick and easy installation in very tight spaces.