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Incremental linear encoders for limited installation space, high traversing speeds, and long traverses up to 30m with 1Vpp Output

LIDA 485 incremental linear encoders use AURODUR steel scales with grating periods of 20 Ám as measuring standard. The new LIDA models are relatively insensitive to scale contamination and unevenness of the mounting surface.

Measuring standard - AURODUR steel scale tape with AURODUR graduation 20 Ám
Output signals - 1 Vpp
Signal period - 20 um
Accuracy grades - ▒ 5 Ám
Recommended measuring steps - 0.05 um
Measuring lengths - 140 mm to 30040 mm
Maximum traversing speed - 480 m/min at -3dB cutoff frequency >200 kHz
Reference mark - One position at midpoint of measuring length