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Absolute linear encoder for mesuring steps of 1 Ám to 0.1 Ám (0.000 05 in. to 0.000 005 in.)

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Absolute linear encoders provide the absolute position value immediately upon switch-onŚwithout previous movement of the machine axes. The absolute value is transmitted serially to the subsequent electronics over the EnDat interface.

The slimline housing profile makes the LC 481 particulary suited to applications with restricted mounting space. The LC 481 is mechanically compatible with the LS 406 and LS 486 incremental linear encoders.

Measuring standard - DIADUR glass scale with code tracks and incremental track
Data interface - EnDat (synchronous serial)
Incremental Output signals - 1 VPP, signal period 20 Ám
Accuracy grade ▒ 5 Ám , ▒ 3 um
Recommended measurement steps 1 Ám to 0.1 Ám
Measuring lengths 240mm to 3040mm

The LC 481 absolute linear encoder generates the absolute value from several incremental tracks. The grating periods of the tracks differ in a manner that makes it possible to evaluate the measuring signals of all tracks to identify any location on the scale within the measuring length.

Using the finest track, with a grating period of 20 Ám, the LC 481 can produce an absolute value to a resolution of 0.1 Ám and finer over a measuring length of 3 meters.

The absolute value is transmitted serially to the subsequent electronics over the EnDat interface.

In addition to the absolute position information, the LC 481 provides sinusoidal incremental signals with a signal period of 20 Ám and levels of 1 VPP

IMPORTANT: The new LC 483 is NOT always a direct replacement. Please call us with the ID# off your older LC 481 and we will find a solution for you.

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